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About NACTO - Our aims and objectives

NACTO (formally known as the National Association of Care & Training Organisations) was formed in 2001 as a loose federation, to promote quality of standards, uniformity of training methods, and share best practice. Since then it has grown into the organisation you see now.

Our Aims:

To promote high standards, best practice and quality assurance in the Care & Training Sector and become a leading light in advancing training provision so The training Industry can feel confident in booking training from an approved or accredited member.

We intend to do this by:

  • Sharing best practice and a forum for members to share knowledge and ideas
  • Providing a complaints procedure for the care industry to use for our members
  • Provide a system of inspection and support for members to ensure that they continue to offer a service to their client base that meets expectations
  • Promote equality of opportunity in the delivery of service to clients
  • Promote Health and Safety in training delivery
  • Ensure that all files and records kept by members follow The Data Protection Act and best practice
  • Promote good leadership and staff development to enhance quality of service


Mission Statement

Our primary aim is to promote training in care related subjects and enhance through knowledge; continuous personal development of staff and the promotion of professional development for training providers

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